Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

SpyCloud Report: 90% of Companies Affected by Ransomware in 2022

Many global businesses are struggling with ransomware and lack confidence in their cybersecurity strategies, a report from SpyCloud shows.

Ransomware Attack Knocks Out Leading Library Book Distributor’s Systems and Services

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Baker & Taylor hires third-party vendor to restore impacted product ordering system, phones, service centers and electronic data exchange.

How to Stop Zeppelin Ransomware Attacks: CISA, FBI Mitigation Guidance

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Zeppelin Ransomware attacks often leverage RDP exploitation, SonicWall firewall vulnerabilities & phishing campaigns, the CISA & FBI warn.

CISA: Top 11 Malware Strains for 2021 Feature RATs, Trojans, Macro Downloaders, Loaders

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CISA and the Australian Cyber Security Centre have jointly compiled an advisory of the top malware strains for 2021.

Industrial Spy Ransomware: New Threat Group Emerges to Exfiltrate Data, Extort Victims

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Threat group introduced their own ransomware to create double extortion attacks that combine data theft with file encryption, Zscaler research finds.

Ransomware Products, Services Ads on Dark Web Show Clues to Danger

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A forensic investigation by Venafi and Forensic Pathways identified 475 web pages peddling sophisticated ransomware products and services.

IBM Ties Data Breach Costs to Supply Chain Disruption, Rising Prices

Businesses that pay ransom inadvertently fund future ransom attacks with capital that could be allocated to remediation and recovery, IBM says.

SonicWall: Ransomware Global Cyberattack Volume Shrinks, Still Exceeds Totals for 2017-2019

Although ransomware cyberattack volume slid, malware rose 11% — including a 77% spike in Internet of Things (IoT) malware, SonicWall found.

New Callback Malware Campaign Impersonates Legitimate Cybersecurity Providers

Hackers tricked targets by pressuring them to call back fraudulent phone numbers that they claim are from well-known cybersecurity providers.

Holy Ghost Ransomware Details for Small Business MSPs

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Microsoft alleges North Korea-linked threat actor successfully attacked small businesses worldwide starting in 2021.