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Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

Ransomware Phishing Attacks Bypass Machine Learning Tools, Comodo Says

New ransomware attacks use social engineering to engage victims and bypass machine learning tools, global cybersecurity solutions company Comodo reports.

Hackers Target the Bottom Line: Business Operations and Earnings

A cyberattack shift from hacking credit card data & healthcare information to targeting businesses operations & bottom lines is accelerating.

Locky Ransomware Variant Found in New Email Phishing Campaign Attack

“Locky” Trojan email-based ransomware attacks result in more than 62,000 phishing emails & affect servers worldwide, cybersecurity company Comodo finds.

NotPetya Cyberattack Costs: FedEx, Nivea Suffer Material Financial Damage

FedEx, Nivea, Maersk & other multinational corporations suffered material financial damage related to the NotPetya global ransomware attack on June 27.

FBI Arrests Marcus Hutchins: WannaCry Ransomware, Malware Attack ‘Hero’

FBI arrests Marcus Hutchins for allegedly creating & distributing Kronos trojan. Some considered Hutchins a hero for disabling the WannaCry attack in May.

Sophos Calls B.S. on Ransomware Extortionists’ Tactics

Sophos takes close look at ransomware toolbox called “Philadelphia” and offers four defensive steps for MSPs and MSSPs to take.

Netsurion, EventTracker Launch Free POS Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment

MSSP Netsurion & EventTracker log monitoring launch a free online point-of-sale (POS) ransomware app to help orgs detect & address malware & other threats.

FedEx: Petya Ransomware Attack Likely Caused “Material” Financial Impact, Data Loss

FedEx (FDX) says the Petya ransomware attack on TNT Express business likely caused “material” financial impact, permanent data loss.

Data Is The Perimeter, Defend It That Way

Data is the perimeter for any network. It is defendable, it can be clearly delineated (with some work mind you) and it can be used as a defense mechanism.

Was This The Largest Ransomware Attack Ever on Healthcare?

Hackers encrypted Airway Oxygen’s data & accessed more than 500,000 patient records in what may be the largest reported ransomware attack on healthcare.