Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

REvil Ransomware Arrests: Russia Apprehends Alleged Colonial Pipeline Hacker

Russian authorities arrested alleged REvil ransomware group members, including the reputed Colonial Pipeline hacker, a U.S. official said.

Finalsite Ransomware Attack Details and Cyberattack Recovery Timeline

School cloud services provider Finalsite hires cyberattack forensics team to assist ransomware attack investigation and SaaS recovery.

Kaspersky Research: 47% of Incident Response Requests Linked to Ransomware

Kaspersky’s Global Emergency Response Team reported 46.7 percent of the security incidents it handled the first 11 months of 2021 were related to ransomware.

Superior Plus Ransomware Attack: Propane Distributor Recovery Updates

Superior Plus ransomware cyberattack forces propane distributor to temporarily disable certain computer systems & applications, Superior Plus discloses.

Kronos Ransomware Cyberattack Details: Log4j Related?

Kronos ransomware attack recovery timing estimate. Plus, unclear if Kronos hackers leveraged Log4j zero day vulnerability to launch cyberattack.

Ransomware Attacks In Canada Mostly Target Critical Infrastructure

Most Canadian ransomware incidents target critical infrastructure providers, Canada’s Centre for Cyber Security reports.

Lewis and Clark Cyberattack: Community College Ransomware Recovery Updates

Ransomware attack closes Lewis and Clark Community College through Dec. 3, 2021. Lewis and Clark IT department works on ransomware recovery. Are MSSPs involved?

Memento Ransomware Group: Who Are They?

Memento ransomware attacks lock files in password protected archive and demand $1M in bitcoin, Sophos security researchers find.

Old Vulnerabilities, New Ransomware Attacks: A Dangerous Combo

Zero Day cyberattacks are a risk. But in reality, ransomware attacks often exploit old vulnerabilities that MSSPs have failed to patch for customers.

Ransomware and Commercial Airline Hijackings: Disturbing Similarities

The sharp uptick in ransomware attacks echoes a similar hijack trend in the commercial airline industry decades ago. Are there lessons to be learned?