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Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

Port of San Diego Ransomware Attack: Bitcoins Demanded

The Port of San Diego ransomware attack disables agency’s systems for issuing park permits, requests for public records and general business services.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Recovery Costs: $17 Million Total?

Atlanta ransomware attack recovery costs may total as much as $17 million & city officials continue to investigate the incident, a new report indicates.

SamSam Ransomware’s $6 Million Payment Haul: Sophos Analysis

SamSam ransomware generates nearly $6 million in payments from victims, Sophos estimates. Here’s a look at the malware’s impact so far.

How to Deal with Ransomware: Mitigate the Damage, Don’t Pay the Ransom

Organizations continue to be faced with a tough ransomware dilemma: Pay the ransom or rely on contingency plan to regain access to critical files and systems. Delta Risk offers this advice.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Recovery Costs Skyrocket

Atlanta likely needs another $9.5 million to recover from a March 2018 ransomware attack, city officials now estimate. It may be the most damaging and costly cyberattack ever against a U.S. municipality.

Root Access and Ransomware: Investigators Find Surprising Results

Trustwave investigates hacker incidents in which attackers gained root — or administrative-level access — to a company’s network to install ransomware.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Delays City’s 2019 Budget Process

A March ransomware attack has delayed the City of Atlanta’s 2019 budget process & various computer systems are still affected by the cybersecurity incident.

Kaspersky: SynAck Ransomware Uses Doppelgänging Anti-Detection Technique

Cybersecurity software company Kaspersky Lab finds a SynAck ransomware variant that uses an anti-detection technique to bypass modern security solutions.

Ransomware Hackers Hit Ukraine’s Energy Ministry Website

Hackers dismantled Ukraine’s energy ministry website on Tuesday, encrypting files in a targeted ransomware attack that officials deemed an “isolated incident.”

City of Atlanta Spends Nearly $2.7M on Ransomware Attack Recovery

The City of Atlanta government has spent approximately $2.7 million to address a ransomware attack that affected multiple applications & client devices. Top 100 MSSPs SecureWorks and EY apparently assisted the recovery efforts.