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Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

North Carolina County Stops New Cyberattacks After Refusal to Pay Ransomware

North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County suffers a second cyberattack & issues cybersecurity warning to employees after it initially refused to pay ransomware.

North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County Refuses to Pay Ransomware

North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County refuses to pay $23,000 in ransomware, and will instead restore government systems using backup data, the county says.

Sophos Says: No Device, Operating System Safe from Ransomware

You can’t run and you can’t hide from ransomware regardless of device or operating system, according to the Sophos 2018 Malware Forecast.

ONI Attacks: How Should MSSPs Handle Wipers, Ransomware or both?

Was the ONI malware attack designed to export money? Cybereason takes a look at the situation and offers this report and analysis.

Top 10 Ransomware Attacks of 2017: NotPetya, WannaCry and Eight More

NotPetya & WannaCry rank among the “nastiest” ransomware attacks of 2017, research from cybersecurity & threat intelligence services company Webroot shows.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreads Worldwide; Cybereason Discovers Vaccine?

Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks organizations worldwide. Cybereason claims to discover vaccine for the malware outbreak, which encrypts victim’s hard drives.

Merck’s NotPetya $275 Million Loss Could Prompt Rise in Cyber Insurance

How much did the global NotPetya ransomware attacks cost some of the hardest hit companies? Verisk Analytics’ Property Claim Services has some lofty claims.

Necurs Botnet: Don’t Open Suspicious Emails with Fake Invoices, They’re Ransomware Payloaded

Necurs botnet, among the world’s most nefarious bugs that has zombied some six million endpoints, has transmogrified itself yet again.

Ransomware Phishing Attacks Bypass Machine Learning Tools, Comodo Says

New ransomware attacks use social engineering to engage victims and bypass machine learning tools, global cybersecurity solutions company Comodo reports.

Hackers Target the Bottom Line: Business Operations and Earnings

A cyberattack shift from hacking credit card data & healthcare information to targeting businesses operations & bottom lines is accelerating.