CyberGate Embraces DFLabs for Middle East SOAR Services

CyberGate, an MSSP in the Middle East, has integrated the DFLabs IncMan security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform into its portfolio. The disclosure comes after DFLabs announced a new version of IncMan for MSSPs and managed detection and response (MDR) providers earlier this month at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California.

CyberGate is DFLabs’ first MSSP partner in the Middle East. The MSSP will use IncMan to provide managed incident response and remediation services to enterprises and government agencies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

What Does the IncMan Integration Mean for CyberGate?

The IncMan integration enables CyberGate to leverage machine learning and automation to orchestrate security operations and incident response. It also allows CyberGate to offer a variety of SOAR capabilities, including:

  • Automated threat intelligence gathering.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Threat hunting, investigation and containment.

Furthermore, the IncMan integration could help CyberGate capitalize on the rising demand for SOAR solutions.

Roughly 1 percent of security organizations with five or more security professionals used SOAR solutions in 2018, technology research firm Gartner indicated. However, this figure is projected to increase to 15 percent by 2020.

SOAR Market Drivers: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

Gartner has identified four SOAR market drivers:

  1. Staff Shortages: SOAR solutions empower organizations to automate and standardize security processes, as well as overcome a global cybersecurity talent shortage.
  2. Increasing Volume of Security Alerts: SOAR solutions help organizations quickly differentiate critical and non-critical security alerts.
  3. Need to Proactively Hunt for Cyber Threats: SOAR solutions enable organizations to speed up threat identification, response and remediation.
  4. Lack of Security Insights: SOAR solutions use machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to collect security data and deliver insights.

The SOAR market presents a valuable opportunity for MSSPs. As the SOAR market grows, expect the number of MSSPs to integrate SOAR solutions into their portfolios to increase accordingly.

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