Augmentt Offers Free SaaS Management Tools for MSPs

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Augmentt, a SaaS security and management platform provider, has launched a Free Community Software Program to help MSPs and IT professionals manage and secure their SaaS and cloud applications.

The program provides access to the Augmentt Email & Notification Console and Augmentt Security Auditing Tool for Salesforce, the company said. MSPs and IT professionals can use the Augmentt Email Alert & Notification Console to monitor security alerts, including failed backups, billing notifications and role and licensing changes.

The console lets end-users forward email alerts to their preferred notification channels. It also allows users to:

  • Create an unlimited number of dedicated email addresses within the Augmentt platform
  • Add unique addresses for tracking systems and applications alerts
  • Design an unlimited number of rules for email alerts

The Augmentt Security Auditing Tool for Salesforce helps MSPs and IT professionals auditing and monitoring the security configuration of Salesforce applications, the company noted. It provides security information for Salesforce apps, including user, usage and license details. The tool can be installed on any local or cloud system and can connect to multiple Salesforce accounts from one console.

Augmentt Announces Microsoft 365 MFA Solution for MSPs

The Free Community Software Program launch comes after Augmentt released the Augmentt Secure solution in May 2022 with managed multi-factor authentication (MFA) alerting and remediation capabilities for Microsoft 365 environments.

Secure lets MSPs audit Microsoft 365 environments and guard against data breaches, Augmentt said. MSPs can use Secure to track MFA policies and generate tickets and alerts for compliance violations across these environments. They also can run free security threat reports for customers and prospects and offer security services to help them mitigate threats.

Demand for SaaS App Security Solutions is Increasing

Along with Augmentt, other SaaS application security companies have made headlines in 2022, including:

Venture capitalists, angel investors and entrepreneurs have increasingly shown they are willing to invest in SaaS app security companies. Many of these companies also have developed solutions for MSPs, and this trend appears likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

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