Top 40 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Security Companies List

Here’s page four, featuring MDR security companies 31-40.

31. Optiv (Denver, Colorado)
Optiv in 2021 positioned itself as “the cyber advisory and solutions leader.” New hires at the time addressed managed XDR, SIEM, SOC services & more.

32. Orange Cyberdefense (Paris, France)
Orange in 2019 acquired SecureLink, one of Europe’s largest independent MSSPs offering cybersecurity consulting as well as managed detection and response (MDR) services. The deal’s valuation was €515 million — or  about US$577 million.

33. Pondurance (Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.)
Pondurance, backed by private equity firm Newlight Partners, acquired advisory and assessment services company Bearing Cybersecurity in mid-2021. Bearing’s technology — particularly the MyCyberScorecard risk management platform — is expected to strengthen Pondurance’s MDR services and help its customers improve their security posture and comply with industry and regulatory standards, the buyer said.

34. Proficio (Carlsbad, California, U.S.)
Proficio is backed by Kayne Andersen Capital Advisors. Additional company updates are here.

35. Quorum Cyber (Edinburgh, UK)
This is another MDR security company that has somehow evaded our radar…

36. Rapid7 (Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.)
Rapid7 acquired Israeli Kubernetes security company Alcide.IO for approximately $50 million in February 2021. The deal surfaced a few months after Rapid7 acquired cloud security posture management (CSPM) company DivvyCloud in 2020. Rapid7 supports over 9,300 customers globally.

37. Red Canary (Denver, Colorado, U.S.)
The company in 2020 launched the Red Canary Alert Center to help security teams view, manage and prioritize alerts, according to a prepared statement. Earlier in 2020, Red Canary launched Red Canary MDR for Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP).

38. Secureworks (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.)
Secureworks, owned by Dell Technologies, has been pushing hard into SaaS security software development and building out a channel partner program mainly for VARs and resellers.

39. Sophos (‎Abingdon, United Kingdom)
Sophos, owned by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, is best-known for MSP-friendly security software. Sophos in 2019 launched Managed Threat Response (MTR), a managed threat hunting, detection and response service, that MSPs can leverage.

40. Verizon (Basking Ridge, New Jersey, U.S.)
Verizon in 2020 incorporated the Securonix SIEM (security information and event management) solution into its MDR service. Verizon’s MDR combines remote threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities with Securonix’s SIEM, the companies said.

18 MDR Companies no longer listed by Garter

The following companies, mentioned by Gartner in 2018 and/or 2020, were not mentioned in the 2021 MDR report:

  1. Armor
  2. Blackpoint Cyber
  3.  Cisco Systems
  4.  ControlScan
  5. CSIS
  6. Datashield
  7. Fidelis Cybersecurity
  8. GoSecure
  9. Ingalls Managed Detection and Response
  10. IntelliGO Networks
  11. IronNet Cyber Operations Center
  12. Leidos (acquired by Capgemini)
  14. Masergy
  15. Raytheon Managed Detection & Response
  16. Rook Security MDR (acquired by Sophos)
  17. Trustwave
  18. UnitedLex’s MDR business (acquired by Ankura)

Blog originally published November 21, 2019. Updated in November 2021 to reflect Gartner’s MDR market guide coupled with MSSP Alert’s editorial coverage.

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    Jack Poltorak:

    We are currently using Sentinel One for our EDR. Can this be added to the list for review? We have seen this on the Gardner Magic Quadrant and was a major player.

    Christian Rykov:

    Nice list 🙂 Could you please correct the list of european MDR providers – the name is CSIS and not CICS? Thank you 🙂

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    Hi Jack: Thanks for the note. SentinelOne is more of a software provider, though we certainly respect the company and know they have momentum with MSSPs, and OEM deals with the likes of SolarWinds MSP. Still, we’ll be sure to watch for Gartner updates as we prepare to potentially revise this list in 2020.

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    Many of my clients use Critical Start as the MDR, and they allow customers to use a variety of EDR solutions including MDATP


    Critical Start as the MDR


    Can you add Countercept MDR from F-Secure to your list for review?

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    Hi David: We’ll keep Countercept MDR in mind as we continue to cover the market.

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    Joe, great list. There have been a few up and coming players, such as LogicHub, missing in this list. Would be great to include them in the next assessment to compare with others.


    Joe, an excellent list of MDR service providers!

    Like any outsourced service, managed detection and response service providers allow you to gain a team of experts at a price you can afford. For companies who don’t have the time or resources, this is especially useful. Data and privacy regulations should be respected. Be sure that you choose a provider that is able to meet the compliance requirements you need to observe.

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    Did the November 2020 update get completed? I’m curious for your thoughts on Blackpoint Security?

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    The blog above was originally published in November 2019 with a look at 20 MDR companies that Gartner was tracking. We updated the list in February 2021, based on Gartner’s 2020 MDR market guide plus our market coverage. At that point, the list grew to 40 companies.

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    Separately, we will likely publish a new or revised list after the Gartner 2021 MDR market guide surfaces, though we’ll need some time to compare the report findings to our own editorial coverage.


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    Have you looked up Talion – British MSSP which was the CyberSecurity Division within BAE ( third largest defence company in the world).

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    Jonathan Handler MS MBA:


    You mention that Blackpoint Cyber, Huntress, Netsurion and Stellar Cyber as MSP friendly MDR suppliers. Would you also RocketCyber as an MDR?

    You recapitulated the Gartner list in this article. Are you going to create your own MDR list for MSPs focused on SMBs?

    Very truly yours,

    Jonathan Handler MS MBA

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Jonathan: Thanks for your note. Two quick replies to your inquiries.

    1. I’m familiar with RocketCyber and its focus on MSPs. But I have not heard whether Rocket Cyber has gained “critical mass” with MSPs and MSSPs. The other companies I mention in the article above (Blackpoint Cyber, Huntress, Netsurion and Stellar Cyber) are each supporting hundreds of MSSPs/MSPs. Last I heard, Rocket Cyber was more of a startup that Kaseya had acquired. We look forward to ongoing updates from the company.

    2. Our own MDR list: See our larger Top 250 MSSPs list, which is an annual readership survey. Dozens of MDR companies are included in that list. We generally view MDR as a subset — one piece — of a larger MSSP service catalog.



    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for your article. A noob here!

    I noted that there is a conflation in the terms used by different service providers. Would it be correct to say that MDR service providers are essentially providing traditional SOC services plus additional services such as threat hunting?


    Why not Check Point Security?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Jim: Thanks for your note. See the second paragraph and the notes directly underneath that paragraph.


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