Carbon Black Open-Source Binary Emulator Eases Malware Analysis

Carbon Black, the cybersecurity and endpoint protection software provider, has unveiled the Binee open-source binary emulator for real-time malware analysis. The company announced Binee at last week’s DEF CON 27 hacker conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Binee enables organizations to identify and review the behavioral attributes of malware, Carbon Black indicated. It performs run-time analysis of malware on Windows, OS X and Linux to improve malware detection.

Binee replicates an OS kernel and provides a description of all function calls, according to Carbon Black. In doing so, Binee delivers insights into a malware’s API calls and other indicators of compromise.

In addition, Binee can extract binary features, Carbon Black said. This helps Binee bridge the gap between static and dynamic malware analysis.

Carbon Black: Business Expansion, Evolution?

Carbon Black also has been gaining momentum with MSPs and MSSPs over the past few months. In fact, Carbon Black recorded revenue of $60.9 million and a net loss of $14.6 million in the second quarter of 2019; both of these figures generally beat Wall Street’s expectations.

Still, the Binee announcement comes after a report surfaced last week that Carbon Black has hired Morgan Stanley to explore a potential sale.

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