Cybercrime Intelligence Provider Hudson Rock Offers MSSP Security Sales Tool

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Hudson Rock, a cybercrime intelligence solutions provider, is positioning a sales prospect tool called Bayonet for MSSPs and cybersecurity sales teams.

Bayonet gives MSSPs and cybersecurity sales teams access to thousands of compromised companies from around the world, Hudson Rock noted. In doing so, it helps MSSPs and cybersecurity sales teams teach compromised businesses about active vulnerabilities and convert these companies into customers.

With Bayonet, Hudson Rock asserts, MSSPs and cybersecurity teams can:

  • Find customers that need its cybersecurity solutions.
  • Identify prospects based on various qualification criteria.
  • Provide prospects with vulnerability data and supply chain risk reports.

Two versions of Bayonet are available: Professional and Enterprise. The Professional version offers up to five seats and is priced at $149.99 per month. Comparatively, the Enterprise version provides more than five seats, with pricing varying based on the number of seats required.

A Closer Look at Hudson Rock

Hudson Rock specializes in cybercrime data and analysis. It is managed by cybersecurity professionals who have worked in the Israel Defense Forces’  8200 Cyber Unit.

In addition to Bayonet, Hudson Rock offers the Cavalier threat intelligence solution and an API.

Cavalier notifies MSSPs and other organizations about compromised credentials belonging to employees, customers, end-users or vendors. Cavalier uses data sourced from threat actors across thousands of compromised machines to help organizations combat ransomware and other cyberattacks, Hudson Rock stated. It also allows an organization to assess its website domain and find out if it has been compromised.

Meanwhile, Hudson Rock’s API gives organizations the ability to query a database of over 4 million compromised computers, the company said. This database is updated daily and helps organizations stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Hudson Rock offers a partner program to MSSPs and other technology vendors. To date, Hudson Rock has partnered with Rapid7, Kovrr and other cybersecurity companies.

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