Edgio Delivers Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Scrubbing Solution

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Edgio, a content delivery network service provider, has released a distributed denial of service (DDoS) scrubbing solution that organizations can use to protect against DDoS attacks across their applications and networks.

The DDoS scrubbing solution delivers Edgio’s Layer 3-7 DDoS protection across the company’s 250-plus Tbps edge network. In doing so, the solution provides “full-spectrum protection to ensure maximum resiliency and uptime of [organizations’] network and applications.”

Edgio Enhances Web Application, API Capabilities

In addition to launching its DDoS scrubbing solution, Edgio has made upgrades to its WAAP capabilities:

  • Rule customization
  • Outbound data leak prevention
  • Proxy detection
  • Enhanced configurability and region code support

The DDoS scrubbing solution and WAAP capabilities enable organizations to use Edgio’s security platform to “provide a holistic solution” to its customers, said Ajay Kapur, chief technology officer. They also ensure that organizations can guard against DDoS attacks, protect their web apps and APIs and stay ahead of cyber threats.

Edgio More Than Doubles Revenue

Previously, Edgio recorded $121.2 million in revenue in the third quarter of 2022, which represented a 119% year-over-year increase. Edgio also reported its highest bookings for its applications solutions to date during the quarter.

Edgio has not yet released its financial results for 4Q22. The company is projecting its revenue will range from $109 million and $114 million in the quarter.

How Edgio Protects Organizations Against Edge Threats

Organizations can use Edgio’s security products to “ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of web applications and APIs,” the company stated. Along with DDoS protection and WAAP, Edgio’s products help organizations guard against bots and other cyber threats.

Edgio does not currently offer a partner program for MSSPs and MSPs. However, Edgio may look to develop and launch a channel partner program in the future.

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