Bitdefender Adds Endpoint Defense Capabilities to MSP Platform

Credit: Bitdefender

Bitdefender, a Romanian cybersecurity and antivirus software provider, has unveiled new endpoint defense capabilities for its GravityZone MSP security platform. The company also has announced GravityZone Email Security, which protects organizations against email compromise and executive impersonation attacks.

GravityZone’s new endpoint defense capabilities include:

  • Anomaly Defense: Assesses system resources to detect unusual behavior based on MITRE threat techniques and Bitdefender research.
  • Fileless Attack Defense: Blocks cyberattacks from PowerShell and other command interpreters.
  • Guided Incident Investigations: Provide “how-to” guidelines that outline incident remediation steps.
  • Incident Visualization: Helps security analysts find out how cyberattacks are working.
  • Network Attack Defense: Guards against network stream-based attacks.

GravityZone Email Security addresses business email compromise (BEC) attacks and associated cybercrime losses, Bitdefender said. It leverages a multi-stage threat prevention model to block cyber threats.

The new GravityZone endpoint defense capabilities are now available in Bitdefender MSP products, and GravityZone Email Security will be available as an optional MSP product.

Introducing the Bitdefender MSP Program

Bitdefender’s GravityZone endpoint defense capabilities and GravityZone Email Security announcements come after the company in June introduced an MSP Program to complement its Partner Advantage Network Program, Reselling Channel Program and Integrated Channel Program.

The MSP Program provides access to marketing development funds, technical account managers and operational and business support, according to Bitdefender. To date, All Covered, Iris Solutions and Netrix IT are among the MSPs to join the program.

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