IBM Launches Open-Source Cyber Threat Response Platform

IBM has released Cloud Pak for Security, an open-source cyber threat detection and response platform. Cloud Pak for Security provides a model to help MSSPs eliminate security silos and streamline security processes, according to IBM.

With Cloud Pak for Security, security teams can search for and translate security data from a variety of sources, IBM indicated. Cloud Pak for Security connects data sources to help security teams look for cyber threats across cloud and on-premise environments.

Also, Cloud Pak for Security allows security teams to orchestrate and automate threat response based on hundreds of common security scenarios, IBM stated. This ensures that security teams can use Cloud Pak for Security to comply with regulatory requirements and accelerate threat remediation.

Cloud Pak for Security is now generally available. It can be run in any environment, and other security tools and applications can be integrated into the platform.

Carbon Black Unveils Open-Source Malware Analysis Tool

Multiple IT and cybersecurity companies continue to open source new developments for partners and customers. In addition to IBM’s recent move, VMware’s Carbon Black business in August 2019 introduced Binee, an open-source binary emulator for real-time malware analysis. Carbon Black announced Binee at the DEF CON 27 hacker conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Binee conducts run-time analysis of malware on Windows, OS X and Linux and allows organizations to identify and assess the behavioral attributes of malware, Carbon Black said. It replicates an OS kernel and provides a description of all function calls, as well as provides insights into a malware’s API calls and other indicators of compromise.

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