AlphaSOC Unveils Network Traffic Solution for Cloud Platforms

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AlphaSOC, a security and surveillance analytics tools company, has announced the AlphaSOC Analytics Engine (AE) network traffic analysis (NTA) product to help security teams identify compromised cloud workloads.

With AlphaSOC AE, security teams can process network flow and DNS query logs within Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, the company said. They also can leverage machine learning, prevalence scoring and active analysis to identify cyber threats.

How AlphaSOC AE Works

AlphaSOC AE utilizes three layers to help security teams uncover cyber threats:

  1. Active Fingerprinting fingerprints destinations to identify command and control infrastructure in real time.
  2. Reputation Scoring utilizes third-party APIs to gather live reputation data that highlight suspicious low-reputation destinations.
  3. Prevalence Scoring tracks the prevalence of cyber threats across customer environments to uncover traffic patterns to rare destinations and flags risky connections.

AlphaSOC AE provides unified threat detection that multi-cloud customers can use to identify and remediate security gaps, the company noted. The solution helps security teams reduce their time-to-fix and remediation efforts by more than 200%. It also reduces the number of false positives by up to 90% in comparison to legacy intrusion detection system (IDS) and NTA systems.

A Closer Look at AlphaSOC

AlphaSOC helps security teams look for signs of compromise and unauthorized data exfiltration across their organizations’ IT environments, the company indicated. It lets these teams submit logs and telemetry from an endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform, cloud infrastructure, network devices and security data lakes for scoring. From here, they can process security data to hunt for threats and identify compliance violations.

To date, over 500 enterprises have used AlphaSOC’s tools across over 3 trillion security events, the company stated. Meanwhile, AlphaSOC does not currently offer a channel partner program but may look to launch one soon.

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