SentinelOne Integrations Target Zero Trust, Threat Simulation and More

Credit: SentinelOne

SentinelOne has announced integrations with Remediant, Blue Hexagon, Keysight and Automox. The integrations expand the capabilities available via SentinelOne’s Singularity Marketplace and enable organizations to autonomously protect against threats.

Among the integration points to keep in mind:

  • The SentinelOne-Remediant integration can enforce zero trust solutions across cloud, hybrid and on-premises infrastructure, the companies stated.
  • The Blue Hexagon integration can help MSSPs to detect and prevent malware and ransomware in the cloud.
  • The Keysight integration allows joint customers to simulate threats, the companies said.
  • SentinelOne and Automox’s joint solution delivers vulnerability discovery and remediation, according to the companies.

 SentinelOne and ServiceNow: Security Incident Response

SentinelOne previously unveiled an integration with ServiceNow Security Incident Response (SIR) in January 2022. IT and security teams can use the integration to automate incident response, the companies indicated.

Organizations can use SentinelOne’s AI- and machine learning-based security solutions to identify and mitigate cyber threats. Furthermore, MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers can join SentinelOne’s partner program to integrate its security offerings into their offerings.

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