AT&T and Trinity Cyber Partner to Protect U.S. Air Force Networks

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AT&T and Trinity Cyber are collaborating to deliver a Secure Internet Gateway to the U.S. Air Force, which is expected to improve cybersecurity protections and reduce risks for the Air Force’s networks, the companies said.

Air Force Solution Delivered

Under terms of the public sector/private industry deal, the Bowie, Maryland-based Trinity and AT&T have partnered to produce a solution for the Air Force to automate threat prevention at scale and speed that can reduce risk, decrease manual incident response, and enhance national cybersecurity protections.

The AT&T-Trinity joint cyber solution focuses on the tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers. The capability is fully managed, operated and supported by a cybersecurity and operations team.

Commenting on the partnership, Lance Spencer, client executive vice president of Defense, AT&T Public Sector, said:

“Our collaboration with Trinity Cyber is another way for us to demonstrate the power of commercially provided advanced networking capabilities to help improve mission delivery.”

Meeting CISA Directives

The new Secure Internet Gateway platform offers federal agencies capabilities that can further enhance their cybersecurity posture and help them comply with two binding directives and five emergency directives the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued in 2021 and 2022.

Praising the partnership, Winston A. Beauchamp, deputy chief information officer, Department of the Air Force, said:

“We look forward to the analysis of the test data demonstrating a solid case for broader adoption of this approach across the Department of the Air Force.”

Trinity Cyber invented and operates a full content inspection capability that automates detective and preventive controls that actively defeats the threats and techniques used by the nation’s adversaries, the company said. The capability mitigates threats before they can interact with customer networks, reduces incident response workloads, and decreases false positives.

Thomas P. Bossert, Trinity Cyber president, described the impact of the partnership:

“It represents the culmination of multiple years of effort to reimagine network technology capabilities, improve collaboration between American industry and government, and build security into every aspect of our daily operations.”

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