ThreatX Unveils Runtime API and Application Protection Solution

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ThreatX is debuted its Runtime API & Application Protection (RAAP) solution, which extends threat detection, tracking and blocking to runtime environments “without slowing developers or requiring expertise in cloud-native applications,” according to the company.

RAAP applies extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technology to inspect network traffic on a host or node without requiring an in-line deployment, ThreatX noted. The solution blocks data exfiltration attempts, excessive data exposure and other high-risk transactions. It also guards against malware hidden within encrypted data via transparent TLS inspection without disrupting the confidentiality or integration of communications.

Commenting on RAAP, Andrius Useckas, ThreatX co-founder and chief technology officer, said:

“As we explored ways to extend our ability to block, it was important we enable customers to cover runtime environments, and to do so in a way that was painless for both security and developers. eBPF allows us to offer all of this, and more. We believe this cloud-native capability will greatly improve companies’ API and application protection today and offer many other benefits down the road.”

ThreatX to Showcase Solution at RSA Conference

Meanwhile, RAAP can be deployed as a standalone solution in runtime environments, ThreatX indicated. In addition, RAAP can be deployed with the ThreatX API & Application Protection – Edge solution to detect, track and block threats across an organization’s APIs and applications.

RAAP is now available, and ThreatX will showcase the solution at RSA Conference 2023, which takes place April 24 to April 27 in San Francisco, California.

ThreatX Accelerates Growth

The RAAP launch comes after ThreatX became the “fastest growing protection-as-a-service company” in 2022, the business stated. ThreatX’s milestones in 2022 included:

ThreatX also reported “adding a record number of customers and tripling [its] enterprise transactions in 2022,” according to a prepared statement. It continues to explore ways to help organizations protect their APIs and applications against cyberattacks.

MSSPs can join ThreatX’s partner program to integrate the company’s API and application protection platform’s capabilities into their offerings. ThreatX looks poised to further expand its MSSP partner program in the near future.

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