White Rock Cybersecurity Adds Conceal Zero Trust Isolation Tech to Offerings

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White Rock Cybersecurity, a value-added reseller (VAR) that specializes in IT and network security solutions, has integrated the Conceal ConcealBrowse lightweight browser extension into its portfolio.

Commeting on the partnership with Conceal and what it means for his company and its customers, White Rock CEO James Range said:

“With the inclusion of Conceal’s Zero Trust isolation technology in our offerings, we are significantly boosting the defense capabilities of our customers against both existing and emerging cyber threats at the edge.”

Malware Protection Solution for Any Browser

With ConcealBrowse, White Rock partners can help their customers enhance their cyber resilience and protect their digital assets, Conceal indicated.

ConcealBrowse lets White Rock partners turn any existing browser into a zero trust, secure browser, according to Conceal. It monitors and detects new and potentially malicious URLs and determines if an organization’s network activity is safe.

In addition, ConcealBrowse lets White Rock partners block potentially malicious activity across their customers’ environments and limit credential theft and ransomware attacks that bypass other cybersecurity controls, Conceal noted.

In instances where the safety of a URL cannot be determined, ConcealBrowse allows White Rock partners to isolate a user’s session, Conceal said. This helps protect the user’s identity and their organization’s network against potential threats.

Cybersecurity Companies Eye Zero Trust Browser Isolation Technology

Along with White Rock, the following MSPs and cybersecurity companies have announced partnerships with Conceal in 2023:

Organizations can use Conceal’s zero trust isolation technology to protect their users and IT operations against cyberattacks, the company stated. Conceal offers a partner program and continues to explore partnership opportunities with MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers.

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