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Gorilla Technology, InfoSec Global Partner for Crypto Agility

Gorilla Technology Group and InfoSec Global are working together to help organizations establish the foundation of zero trust security through cryptographic agility management solutions, according to the companies.

With the partnership, Gorilla will use InfoSec's Crypto Agility Platform to "empower government agencies with future-proof sovereign applications that can seamlessly adopt any current, future or national cryptographic standards," the businesses stated.

What Is Cryptography and Why Is It Important?

Cryptography is a form of cyber protection that involves the use of mathematical algorithms to transform information into an unreadable form, InfoSec indicated.

InfoSec points out that cryptography is important for several reasons, including:

  • Protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access
  • Data privacy
  • Data trust and integrity
  • Compliance and legal requirements
  • Secure communications and transactions
  • Future-proofing

Types of Cryptography

There are two types of cryptography: symmetric and public key cryptography.

Symmetric key cryptography requires the use of the same key for both encryption and decryption, InfoSec noted.

Meanwhile, public key cryptography requires the use of a pair of mathematically related keys that can be freely distributed, InfoSec stated.

What Is Crypto Agility?

Cryptographic agility refers to a design feature that "enables updates to future cryptographic algorithms and standards without the need to modify or replace the surrounding infrastructure," according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

With a crypto agility management solution, an organization can adopt new cryptographic algorithms without costly and time-consuming changes to its hardware and infrastructure. It also can maintain an inventory of devices that access its networks, automate its crypto inventories and updates and keep its digital certificates up to date.

Gorilla Strengthens Its Smart Government Security Convergence Solution

InfoSec's Crypto Agility Platform will be integrated into Gorilla's Smart Government Security Convergence solution, the businesses said. That way, government agencies can use this solution to ensure that their communications and documents remain secure.

Also, Gorilla and InfoSec will collaborate to deploy crypto-agile applications tailored to government agencies, the companies stated. These applications will enable secure and efficient communication among government officers and protect classified information.

A Closer Look at Gorilla and InfoSec

Gorilla is a U.K.-based solution provider that specializes in intelligence, network intelligence, business intelligence and internet of things (IoT) technology. The company provides smart city, network, video, security convergence and IoT solutions and offers a partner program.

InfoSec specializes in cryptographic agility management. The company helps organizations discover, remediate and control their digital certificates, keys, encryption and other cryptographic assets. Furthermore, InfoSec provides a partner program.

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