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Kyndryl Expands Security Operations Services for Greater Cyber Defense

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Kyndryl is offering new capabilities and services to help organizations "modernize and fortify their security operations," according to the company.

Michelle Weston, Kyndryl's vice of Global Offerings for Security and Resiliency, explained to MSSP Alert how her company is helping organizations bolster their security operations and response capabilities:

"Kyndryl's approach is to build and deliver flexible security operations and response capabilities that span advisory, implementation and managed services to meet customers where they are on their journey to modernize their businesses, better monetize their investments and achieve an increased level of security and management."

Kyndryl Provides Modular Security Operations as a Platform

Organizations can use Kyndryl's Security Operations as a platform to detect and respond to threats, the company stated. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for threat detection and response. It also works in conjunction with the security technologies that organizations are already using and helps these organizations get the most value out of their security investments.

Kyndryl's team and partners can assess the status of their customers' security operations and provide recommendations on ways to improve them, the company noted. Kyndryl can manage customer infrastructure and environments through its global network of security operations centers (SOCs) as well.

Kyndryl Continues to Expand Globally

Along with offering end-to-end security operations capabilities and services to global organizations, Kyndryl plans to set up SOCs in India and Japan by the end of 2023, the company indicated. Kyndryl currently manages SOCs in Italy, Canada, Hungary and Spain.

Meanwhile, Kyndryl allows organizations to utilize their existing security teams in conjunction with the company's SOCs and cybersecurity professionals or outsource the end-to-end management of their security operations to Kyndryl, the business noted. As such, Kyndryl gives global organizations the ability to select security operations capabilities and services tailored to their needs.

Kyndryl Adds to Cybersecurity Services Portfolio

Previously, Kyndryl in June 2023 launched a Cybersecurity Incident Response and Forensics (CSIRF) service that provides organizations with compliance monitoring and management, threat intelligence and other security capabilities. Organizations can use this service to investigate and respond to security incidents and work with Kyndryl's CSIRF experts to address them, the company stated.

Kyndryl is an IBM spin-off and IT infrastructure services provider. The company supports thousands of organizations around the world. It also has partnerships in place with at least 20 technology providers.

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