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Lacework Cloud Workload Security: AWS CloudTrail Integration Arrives

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Lacework, a California company that specializes in cloud workload security, has integrated its Lacework Polygraph zero-touch security platform for public and private clouds with Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudTrail.

With Lacework for AWS CloudTrail, organizations can analyze AWS account activity and identify account anomalies, according to a prepared statement. The announcement surfaced at AWS Summit in New York -- where multiple companies (including Amazon, McAfee and Splunk) made their own security announcements.

Lacework for AWS CloudTrail automates monitoring of AWS accounts, deepens visibility into account activity and enables AWS customers to safeguard their accounts without agents, Lacework noted. It protects against attacks on AWS accounts by detecting unusual changes, such as:

  • Unauthorized activity on AWS resources.
  • Suspicious changes to users, roles or access.
  • Changes in security groups.
  • Changes to AWS infrastructure services.
  • Tampering with access master keys or network interfaces and services.

Also, Lacework for AWS CloudTrail provides automatic alerting of suspicious activities to eliminate the need for labor-intensive analysis of CloudTrail events, Lacework said.

Lacework for AWS CloudTrail is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

Lacework Announces Integrations and Partnerships

In addition to the AWS CloudTrail integration, Lacework last month unveiled the following integrations:

  • New Relic.
  • PagerDuty.
  • Slack.
  • Splunk.
  • VictorOps.

Furthermore, Lacework announced a partnership with ReversingLabs, which provides a repository of information on both goodware and malware, to deliver continuous protection against advanced malware. The company also launched a Google Chrome plugin that enables security staff to investigate applications, users or DNS activity.

Lacework launched in April and provides the Lacework Polygraph platform to deliver instant breach detection and simplified investigation, according to the company.

Organizations can use Lacework Polygraph to ensure all aspects of their cloud operations are monitored in real-time and available for analysis after every security event, Lacework indicated.

Lacework Polygraph observes communication patterns, resource relationships and user behaviors to evaluate various entities and find out how they work together, Lacework stated. Then, the platform creates analysis groups to visualize cloud operations, continuously monitors these groups and records anomalies and generates alerts over time.

Currently, Lacework protects more than 75,000 instance-hours of cloud workloads daily. The company is committed to exploring future integrations and partnerships to provide organizations with better governance of cloud environments, CEO Jack Kudale said in a prepared statement.

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