Kaspersky Managed Service Provider Program

Kaspersky’s portfolio for MSPs includes flexible and powerful tools that mean you can secure, monitor and manage customer infrastructures at any level of complexity and sophistication.

Select Kaspersky to grow your business with value-added IT security offerings and exceptional service to beat the competition in a crowded MSP market.

We help you grow

Kick-start your security offering with easy-to-manage solutions and automated operations. Then grow your practice without limits – with Kaspersky you can add dozens of security services to your portfolio, upselling to clients as their requirements mature.

We help you beat the competition

  • Bring to market compelling IT security services to distinguish your business from competitors and win more customers.
  • Choose the trusted, most reliable, most tested and most awarded vendor – avoid service downtime and boost customer satisfaction.

We simplify subscription management for you

  • Streamline license ordering, management and reporting with License Management Portal
  • Evaluate both cloud and on-premise solutions, and build services for your customers on the go.
  • Order and manage both monthly and annual subscriptions for B2B products

Apply now to join the Kaspersky MSP Program

  1. Register on the program at partners.kaspersky.com
  2. Select a distributor in your region
  3. Start placing your orders through LMP or your distributor’s marketplace
  4. Take our sales and technical MSP training
  5. Welcome on board!


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