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Does XDR Need A New Kill Chain?

What is the next phase in MDR for MSSPs & security-minded MSPs? The answer involves an XDR-focused kill chain along with ML-enhanced, incident-based alert management, Stellar Cyber asserts.

XDR Explained In 300 Words

Most XDR definitions are tedious & long. To give MSSPs clarity, Stellar Cyber VP Brian Stoner explains XDR security in 300 words.

The Pipeline Attack – Is Log Analysis Enough for Cybersecurity?

Many MSSP’s use SIEMs and other log management/aggregation/analysis solutions for cybersecurity visibility. But is log analysis enough?

Alerts, Events, Incidents: Where Should Your Security Team Focus?

Hint: Three forms of machine learning empower MSSPs & SOC analysts to more effectively navigate alerts, events & incidents, Stellar Cyber says.

How to Avoid Runaway SIEM Data Storage Costs

Storing data on some SIEM or XDR systems can squeeze MSSP profit margins with surprisingly high cost for your SOC. Here’s how to avoid these issues.