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You Are Not Alone If You’re Unclear About Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

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Open XDR allows security teams to choose best-in-breed vendors across the attack surface, making it the best choice for most MSSPs, Stellar Cyber asserts.

Cybersecurity Infrastructure Needs a New Model

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How will artificial intelligence (AI) potentially transform cybersecurity for MSP & MSSP partners? Stellar Cyber offers some clues.

Open XDR vs. SIEM: Matching Resources and Business Risk with the Right Solution

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There are major architectural differences that allow Open XDR to deliver on many of the promises of SIEMs, Stellar Cyber asserts.

The Three Waves of XDR: How Open XDR Delivers And Extends The Value Of Existing Investments

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The third wave of XDR is all about reducing future risks for MSSPs, MSPs and their end-customers, Stellar Cyber CTO Aimei Wei explains.

Should You Build Your Own Or Purchase MDR Services – Is Open XDR The Answer?

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For the last several years, MSP partners have been making a tough decision: Should I build cybersecurity for my own business or outsource it?

Integrating Asset Management Into Your SOC With Open XDR Can Be A Force Multiplier For Your Business

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As an MSSP, if you can integrate your asset management with your SOC/XDR platform there are huge gains to be realized, explains Stellar Cyber

Cybersecurity Talent Shortage: Is Open XDR a Catalyst for New Ideas That Close the Gap?

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We need to create more on-ramps into the cybersecurity profession. One example involves Stellar Cyber’s collaboration with Boise State University.

Build A New Superpower For Your MSSP Business!

How MSSPs can properly leverage XDR to reduce false positives, find high priority alerts faster, respond more quickly, and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Tired Of Reactive Strategies? Proactively Stop Attackers Earlier In The Kill Chain!

MSSPs all deal with a crushing number of alerts daily – but how are the most successful partners managing the influx?

Log4j: Is The Sky Really Falling?

MSSPs that leverage XDR with unsupervised machine learning don’t need to panic over the Log4j vulnerability. Stellar Cyber explains why.