Unveils MSSP Partner Program, Threat Mitigation Services

Credit: Getty Images has announced a partner program that lets MSSPs resell its security services, according to a prepared statement.

MSSPs can join ThreatHunter’s partner program to “provide their clients with the best-possible protection against cyber threats … [and] grow their businesses by offering a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to cyber threats,” the company indicated.

The ThreatHunter program offers:

  • Threat hunting
  • Threat monitoring
  • Threat response

Along with launching an MSSP partner program, has released incident response, remediation, threat analysis and other threat mitigation services. It also has integrated new threat detection algorithms and real-time threat intelligence into its Argos Platform. This platform collects, categorizes and analyzes threat data.

ThreatHunter Introduces Threat Hunting Services

Previously, ThreatHunter in December 2022 announced the TH-Core threat hunting services package to help organizations “hunt for and mitigate constant and ever-expanding cyber threats and ransomware,” the company noted.

TH-Core delivers “around-the-clock threat hunting starting at less than $20 per user, per month in most cases,” said Evan Tremper, ThreatHunter vice president of sales. It helps organizations detect and address cyberattacks both on premises and in the cloud.

TH-Core also provides organizations with “[security] expertise without the costly overhead or investments in hiring, training and tooling [that are] required to succeed in combating adversaries,” ThreatHunter COO Cowperthwaite stated.

What MSSPs Need to Know About ThreatHunter

Milton Security rebranded itself as ThreatHunter in November 2022. ThreatHunter provides artificial intelligence-based threat hunting services backed by a team of threat hunters.

In addition, ThreatHunter offers an expert services team that helps organizations develop and execute their security programs. ThreatHunter also provides the Ptolemy: TEMPEST zero-hour threat intelligence feed.

Meanwhile, ThreatHunter works with MSSPs and other technology providers. The company may look to further expand its MSSP partner program as well.

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