Sherweb is a cloud solutions provider that helps businesses grow with value-added services they can rely on. We support you with business strategies, cloud services, operations, and go-to-market expertise. Our internally developed cybersecurity solution, Office Protect, makes managing security for Microsoft 365 across multiple tenants effortless. Whether you’re an MSP, MSSP, VAR, ISV, vCIO, or any other flavor of IT professional, we can help you reach your full cloud potential by creating a tailored approach to your needs.


Working with one cloud provider that can help you with every aspect of your business not only saves you time and money but also empowers you to form a partnership with a team of experts committed to your success. Whether you need the tools to transition from break-fix to MSP, guidance through Microsoft’s complex ecosystem, the right solutions for your cybersecurity stack, or someone to help build your strategic roadmap for the next five years, we can help you.

Serving MSSPs

Our goal is to make life easier for you. In addition to choosing the very best cloud products and services, our in-house experts have also built a cybersecurity solution specifically for MSPs: Office Protect. Delivering effortless monitoring, alerts, and reporting for Microsoft 365, Office Protect enables MSPs to manage multiple tenants from a single pane of glass. It’s easier to become your clients’ trusted IT advisor safe in the knowledge you’re adding value to their business by providing them with the top business-critical solutions to support their digital transformation.

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 Helpful tools

  • Sherweb’s in-house cybersecurity solution, Office Protect is an easy way to manage and maintain security for Microsoft 365 tenants
  • Manage your business in one place and simplify the way you work with our powerful partner portal
  • Security awareness training is no longer optional—are you helping your customers prevent breaches?
  • Find out how to become your clients’ trusted IT advisor and Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Marketing is a major pain point for solution providers, and many MSPs fail at it—are you making any of these mistakes?

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