MSSP Vology Adds Dark Web Monitoring Services to Cybersecurity Suite

MSSP Vology has added Dark Web Monitoring Services to its Cybersecurity Solutions suite. The new capabilities leverage several dark web services to search for compromised credentials, Vology said. In doing so, they protect business, employee and customer data against cyberattacks.

Also, the Dark Web Monitoring Services offer proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data, Vology noted. This ensures Dark Web Monitoring Services users can quickly respond to cyber threats and prevent data breaches.

A Closer Look at Vology’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Vology offers a variety of Cybersecurity Solutions, including:

  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning.
  • IT Policy Creation, Assessment and Management.
  • Remediation Services.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).
  • Security Risk Assessment.

Vology’s Cybersecurity Solutions provide continuous cybersecurity monitoring and protection, the company indicated. That way, organizations can deploy Vology’s Cybersecurity Solutions to guard against cyberattacks without an in-house security operations center (SOC).

New Dark Web Monitoring Services Available

A growing list of MSPs and MSSPs are introducing dark web monitoring services include:

As organizations search for ways to combat evolving cyberattacks, the demand for dark web monitoring services could grow. The number of MSSPs and MSPs to offer dark web monitoring services also could increase in the foreseeable future.


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