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FBI Seeks to Shut Down Massive VPNFilter Botnet; Russia Denies Cyberattack Plans

An IoT botnet called VPNFilter infects more than 500,000 devices worldwide — placing malware on routers & network attached storage hardware, according to Cisco’s Talos business. Russia denies involvement. FBI seeks to shut down botnet.

Mirai Malware Authors Plead Guilty to DDoS Botnet Attacks

Mirai malware co-authors plead guilty to creating botnet & launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on several large internet companies.

RiskIQ Q3 Report: Mobile Malware Spikes, Reaffirms 2017 as a Botnet Year

The volume of malicious apps for mobile platforms continued to assault the market, according to RiskIQ’s Q3 2017 cybersecurity report.

The IoTroop/Reaper Botnet: IoT Cyber Zombies Are Real

A closer look at the IoTroop/Reaper botnet and potential cybersecurity concerns. Details from Check Point, China’s Qihoo 360 and more.

Necurs Botnet: Don’t Open Suspicious Emails with Fake Invoices, They’re Ransomware Payloaded

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Necurs botnet, among the world’s most nefarious bugs that has zombied some six million endpoints, has transmogrified itself yet again.

WireX Android Botnet Mitigated by Cybersecurity Providers, Researchers

Android Botnet called WireX mitigated by researchers from Akamai, Cloudflare, Flashpoint, Google, Oracle Dyn, RiskIQ, Team Cymru & other organizations.

DDoS Threat Intelligence Report: More Than 6 Million Cyberattacks in First Half of 2022

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DDoS attacks persist worldwide due in part to geopolitical unrest relating to the Russian-Ukraine conflict, Netscout reports.

5 Reasons Why Web Security Is As Important as Endpoint Security

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Alas, many MSSPs fail to provide customers with website security and managed web application protection.

Emotet Resurfacing as Power Player in Ransomware Wars, Avertium Warns

Avertium, a Top 250 MSSP, releases report that dives deep into the notorious Emotet botnet and warns of its criminal intent.

CISA: Top 11 Malware Strains for 2021 Feature RATs, Trojans, Macro Downloaders, Loaders

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CISA and the Australian Cyber Security Centre have jointly compiled an advisory of the top malware strains for 2021.