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NATO Readies for Cyber War: Simulation Shows Unified Front Against Attack

Cyber Coalition 2022 is based on a realistic scenario where a powerful threat actor tries to compromise a NATO mission.

Simulated Cyberattack on Global Financial Industry: Hypothetical Banking Impact Is Massive

A 10-country simulated cyberattack on the global financial industry resulted in paralyzed banking systems — hypothetically, of course.

Hornetsecurity Launches Employee Training Program to Combat Phishing Attacks

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Hornet’s patented spear phishing engine simulates sophisticated attacks to help users gain knowledge about those types of infiltrations.

Incident Responders Driven by Sense of Duty, Handcuffed by Volume of Cyberattacks, IBM Reports

First responders to cyberattacks are faced with serious pressure to defend an organization’s digital front line, according to IBM research.

U.S. Army Cyber Defense Presses Iron Bow, AttackIQ Into Action

The U.S. Army will deploy AttackIQ’s Security Optimization Platform to improve defense capabilities in support of warfighters around the globe.

Core Security by HelpSystems Adds Ransomware Simulator to Pentesting Solution

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Core Security, part of cybersecurity & automation software provider HelpSystems, integrates a ransomware simulator into its pentesting solution.

Getting A Head Start Against A Ransomware Attack

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To defend against ransomware & a real phishing campaign, reporting is key to early detection and mitigation, Cofense asserts.

Phishing Attacks: Malicious URLs May Outpace Email Attachment Risks

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Phishing attacks containing malicious URLs are four times more likely to bypass secure email gateways than those with email attachments, Cofense research finds.

Tenable Acquires Attack Path Management Platform Provider Cryptom

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Tenable buys Cryptom & adds attack path analysis and prioritization capabilities to the Tenable.ep cyber exposure platform.

SentinelOne Integrations Target Zero Trust, Threat Simulation and More

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SentinelOne integrations with Remediant, Blue Hexagon, Keysight & Automox may help MSSPs to further automate detect & remediate cyberattacks & ransomware.