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Cybersecurity Research

Cybersecurity research and market forecasts for managed security services providers (MSSPs) from CompTIA, Gartner, Forrester Research and more.

Small Businesses, Managed Security and MSPs: Research Findings

Are small & midsize businesses (SMBs) willing to change MSPs (managed IT services providers) & pay a premium for cybersecurity? Continuum & Vanson Bourne reseach suggests this…

Red Canary Report: PowerShell Most Prevalent MITRE ATT&CK Technique

PowerShell was the top-ranked MITRE ATT&CK technique used by hackers over the past five years, a study of cyber threats conducted by MSSP Red Canary shows.

Nexusguard DDoS Threat Report 2018 Q4: Key Takeaways

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are on the decline in terms of average & maximum attack size, a report from cloud security firm Nexusguard shows.

WatchGuard Report: Zero-Day Malware, Network Attacks Increase in 4Q18

Zero-day malware & network attacks increased during the fourth quarter of 2018, according to an Internet security report from network security firm WatchGuard.

Study: $5.2T At Risk from Cyber Crime Worldwide Thru 2023

More than $5 trillion in total economic value worldwide is at risk from cyber crime over the next five years, according Accenture and Ponemon’s 9th Annual “The Cost of Cybercrime” study.

Cybersecurity in 2019: AI, IAM Among Key Considerations

Identity & access management, combating phishing & artificial intelligence are among this year’s top cybersecurity priorities for organizations, KPMG says.

7 Security and Risk Management Trends to Watch in 2019

Gartner, a technology research firm, releases a list of seven security & risk management trends to watch in 2019 to help organizations combat cyber threats.

Endpoint Security: The Biggest Challenges Facing Customers

Customers are struggling with a lack of visibility, threat detection, false alarms & more, according to Sophos research results & seven uncomfortable truths of endpoint security.

Intel Spoiler Chip Vulnerability: The Facts

Intel Spoiler vulnerability facts, including who discovered the flaw, what it means and how Intel is responding.

IBM X-Force Report: Cryptojacking Leapfrogs Ransomware?

The number of cryptojacking attacks nearly doubled ransomware kidnapping incidents last year, IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index for 2019 said.