MSSP M&A List: 87 Managed Security Services Provider Mergers and Acquisitions

This blog offers an ongoing list of managed security services provider (MSSP) mergers and acquisitions that we’ve tracked.

At least five factors are driving the M&A activity, MSSP Alert believes.

  1. Talent: The cyber skills shortage is driving MSSPs to find talent through M&A.
  2. Threats: The growing, shifting threat landscape is inspiring M&A deals to close technology and expertise gaps.
  3. Speed to Market: Acquiring companies can often be a faster path into a new or evolving technology market or business region.
  4. Scale: Smaller MSSPs are merging to counter the scale of larger rivals.
  5. Growth: The traditional MSP market will experience sub-10 percent compound annual growth rates (CAGR) in the years ahead. The MSSP market, in stark contrast, is growing at an 18 percent CAGR.

Updates: This story was originally published May 7, 2019. It is updated regularly to reflect the latest MSSP-related M&A deals.

MSSP Mergers, Acquisitions, Buyouts: The List

Among the M&A deals we’ve tracked:

87. January 2022: SilverSky acquired Cygilant, expanding the MSSP, MDR and security operations center business across the United States and Europe.

86. January 2022: Cerberus Sentinel acquired True Digital Security, a cybersecurity operations and compliance company with offices in New York, Florida, and Oklahoma.

85. December 2021: Fishtech Group and Herjavec Group merged their MSSP businesses to offer MDR, SIEM and identity protection services.

84. December 2021: Kroll acquired Security Compass Advisory for penetration testing, red team and cloud security consulting services.

83. December 2021: Cerberus Sentinel acquired Arkavia Networks SPA, a Chilean cybersecurity services provider.

82. December 2021: Celcom Axiata Berhad acquired Bridgenet Solutions Sdn Bhd, an IT solutions provider and MSSP.

81. October 2021: Cipherpoint acquired VIT Cyber Security for digital forensics and incident response expertise.

80. October 2021: Cerberus Sentinel acquired Red74.

79. October 2021: Deloitte acquired Sliced Tech, a Fortinet and BlackBerry partner that offers cloud-centric MSP services.

78. September 2021: 11:11 Systems, backed by private equity firm Tiger Infrastructure Partners, acquired Green Cloud Defense, a Top 250 MSSP, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Fortinet partner that supports roughly 700 MSPs.

77. September 2021: BlueVoyant acquired Concanon for Splunk-oriented professional services. The deal aligns with BlueVoyant’s security operations center (SOC) and MDR (managed detection and response) strategy.

76. September 2021: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada acquired Avaleris, an MSSP that offers Microsoft identity, security and cloud services.

75. September 2021: SD-WAN company Orro acquired MSSP and MDR company eSecure.

74. September 2021: Millennia Technologies and Fusion IT merged. The deal united a UCaaS solutions provider with an MSSP that has WatchGuard expertise.

73. September 2021: Achieve Partners acquired Metmox, a Top 250 MSSP, and announced a cybersecurity mentoring and career building strategy.

72. August 2021: Nexon Asia Pacific acquired Equate Technologies. The deal united an Australia-based MSP with a cybersecurity consulting company.

71. August 2021: Simpson Associates acquired Bleam Cyber Security, an MSSP & MDR security provider.

70. August 2021: SilverSky, an MSSP & MDR security provider, acquired ACSG for school cybersecurity services.

69. August 2021: HQ Equita acquired a majority stake in Indevis, an MSSP in Germany.

68. July 2021: Ernst & Young Australia acquired SecureWorx.

67. July 2021: Pixel acquired Cyphra for MSSP, application and identity security services.

66. July 2021: Cyber Secure Works and Zuggard merged to focus on managed CloudSecOps.

65. June 2021: Evergreen Services Group acquired VirtualArmour.

64. June 2021: Deloitte & Touche, which has a Top 250 MSSP practice, acquired Terbium Labs.

63. June 2021: Cerberus Sentinel acquired Ground Control IT.

62. April 2021: Accenture acquired Openminded.

61. April 2021: Performanta acquired Identity Experts.

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