MSSP M&A List: 150 Managed Security Services Provider Mergers and Acquisitions

This blog offers an ongoing list of managed security services provider (MSSP) mergers and acquisitions that we’ve tracked.

At least five factors are driving the M&A activity, MSSP Alert believes.

  1. Talent: The cyber skills shortage is driving MSSPs to find talent through M&A.
  2. Threats: The growing, shifting threat landscape is inspiring M&A deals to close technology and expertise gaps.
  3. Speed to Market: Acquiring companies can often be a faster path into a new or evolving technology market or business region.
  4. Scale: Smaller MSSPs are merging to counter the scale of larger rivals.
  5. Growth: The traditional MSP market will experience 10% compound annual growth rates (CAGR) in the years ahead. The MSSP market, in stark contrast, is growing at an 18% CAGR.

Updates: This story was originally published May 7, 2019. It is updated regularly to reflect the latest MSSP-related M&A deals.

MSSP Mergers, Acquisitions, Buyouts: The List

Among the M&A deals we’ve tracked:

150. December: Security On-Demand, with the backing of venture capital company Nautic Partners, acquired Booz Allen Hamilton’s commercial Managed Threat Services (MTS) business.

149. December: Deloitte acquired Makros.

148. December: CloudWave acquired Sensato. Both IT service providers focus exclusively on the healthcare sector.

147. November: Cycurion merged with a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company).

145 & 146. November: Orange Cyberdefense acquired Scrt and Telsys.

144. November: Boxx Insurance acquired Templarbit.

143. October: SilverEdge Government Solutions acquired Counter Threat Solutions (CTS).

142. October: Kocho has acquired Mobliciti.

141. October: Focus Digital Technology acquired Iridium Global.

139 & 140. October 2022: Integris acquired Blue Jean Networks and Security7Networks.

138. October 2022: ASGN acquired Iron Vine Security.

137. October 2022: Deloitte Australia acquired Hacktive.

136. October 2022: iC Consult Group acquired Kapstone Technologies.

135. October 2022: Allurity acquired CSIS Security Group.

134. September 2022: Fujitsu acquired InPhySec of New Zealand.

133. September 2022: Allurity Acquired Aiuken Cybersecurity.

132. August 2022: Cerberus Cyber Sentinel acquired Cuatroi.

131. August 2022: Plurilock acquired Atrion Communications.

130. July 2022: MSP Adar acquired cybersecurity firm Rigid Bits.

129. July 2022: AgileBlue acquired Crowe LLP’s managed detection and response (MDR) platform, which is used for public accounting, consulting and technology.

128. June 2022: Global Market Innovators (GMI) acquired HarborTech Mobility for secure networking expertise.

127. June 2022: Apollo Information Systems acquired CyberDefenses.

126. June 2022: MetaCompliance, a security awareness and compliance training provider, acquired Moch.

125. June 2022: Danet Communications, an Accel Solutions company, acquired Magen Ofek — a Top 250 MSSP.

124. May 2022: Clearwater Compliance acquired CynergisTek.

123. May 2022: Thales acquired  S21sec and Excellium from Sonae Investment Management.

122. May 2022: UNS acquired CyberPeak Solutions.

121. May 2022: ThinkStack acquired Emergifi, a cybersecurity and technology solutions provider for credit unions.

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    Jay Taylor:

    Effective December 22. 2021, Nessit, LLC of Somersworth, NH has acquired Neoscope, LLC of Portsmouth, NH. Both companies are long-standing area experts in IT security and business technology services. Nessit was founded in 2004. Neoscope was founded in 2006. The acquisition makes Nessit one of the largest and most capable Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the region with expertise in employee provisioning, customer and data security, facility access control and management, and regulatory compliance. For more information, contact Jay Taylor [email protected]. 603.841.1890.

    Barbara Cramer:

    Always love your lists and fantastic reporting.
    Looking through the M&A lists, there seems to be the last 14 missing- #15 through #1


    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Barbara: Thanks for the note and heads-up. We had a code bug on the page. We’ve made the fix. Items 15-1 are now displaying correctly thanks to your comment & readership.

    Dusty Miller:

    Hi Joe,
    whats your email. I have an acquisition you can announce.

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